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End Of Year Returns In The UK

Tax Return

The new accounting year has already started in the UK, but there is one last task that needs to be done: your employer annual return. By May 19th you will have to submit your return, which sends shivers down the spine of all but the most accounting-savvy. However, salvation is at hand because this will be the final year for submitting an annual return in this manner; from next year onwards it will be an automatic process. Read more…

Why Are Private Mortgages So Popular?

Private Mortgages

There is actually no major difference between conventional and private mortgages. Both are used for financing a home. Whether it is house building or house purchasing, mortgage financing is the most recommended way to pull this through. With mortgage financing you get long term repayment options, fixed or adjustable low interest rates, and they most often don’t require down payment. With mortgage financing you will know the amount of your monthly acquittal and interest rate up ahead. This is a great way of house financing, whatsoever. Read more…

How To Tackle Debt With Your Partner

Two businesspeople sitting in office lobby smiling

Being in a partnership is important and can be very comforting when it comes to your single days. It can also be difficult. One area in which difficulties can arise is in the finances. Read more…

Steps to Make Yourself an Attractive Mortgage Candidate


If you are among those individuals who find it more advantageous to be self-employed, you probably have thought of owning a more comfortable home. After all, you are likely to spend a lot of time at home and you want to make sure that it has all the things you need to keep everything convenient for you. Read more…

Why Your Debt Management Company Should Be A Member Of DEMSA


Established in 2000, DEMSA or Debt Managers Standard Association is an organisation that monitors, regulates and maintains the debt management industry standards. These standards help promote excellence in the industry, as well as help protect both the lender and the consumer involved in any kind of financial transactions or dealings. Read more…

Debt consolidation loans: The ultimate way to become debt free


If you’re considering a debt consolidation loan, then you might as well know that it’s a dangerous thing to look into. Read more…

My experience of trying to be a debt free student


Having graduated from Chichester University after studying for 5 years I feel very lucky to have escaped with little debt. Read more…

Tips To Make More Of Your Money

Multi-ethnic Young Woman Agonizing Over Financial Calculations in Her Kitchen.

You don’t have to be a math expert to get your finances in order. Just a bit of effort to find out best deals on personal loans, savings accounts, credit card charges and utility bills can yield big rewards and make more of your money. So take some time and get smart with your savings. Read more…

3 Things You May Not Know About Securing a Home Loan

realtors in front of a house

When it comes to securing a home loan, you already know that your credit has to be in good standing; the better it is, the better a loan you’re going to be able to seek approval for. Read more…