A Review of Barron’s Magazine

Barron’s Magazine is widely regarded as one of the best financial publications and is delivered to your door weekly.  It comes with two different and distinct sections including items such as news, interviews, stock market analysis, and lifestyle subjects… all of which are aimed at financial professional and investment bankers.  Without doubt, the most useful content inside Barron’s Magazine is the information about stocks and shares.  They even include interviews with stock market fund managers and have in-depth articles on specific industry segments and featured companies.

Section Two Includes Stock Market Statistics

Within Section Two, Barron’s addresses more niche subject matter.  However, the detail is not entirely comprehensive, but you can refer out to the Barrons.com website to get more analysis if required.  This center section has a pull out on the latest stock tables and market statistics including the up to date economic indicators set against that’s week’s stock indexes.

Offers Investment Advice to Help Your Stock Market Strategies

The whole point of a magazine like Barron’s is to give investment advice to traders.  However, do not take everything that you read it in as gospel.  As with any investment strategy you will need to do your own research so think of the content inside the magazine as a starting point, giving you leads with which you should follow up on.  It should be your job as a financial investor to do due diligence on any advice found in Barron’s Magazine and then apply it to your own stock market strategy.

Barron’s Magazine is Concise and to the Point

Many readers of Barron’s Magazine point out that the articles can be quite short when compared to other publications such as Forbes or The Economist.  They might be right, but then it’s up to you to make the best use of your day rather than getting side tracked by five to six page in-depth articles.  That’s what’s good about Barron’s… it is concise and to the point meaning you can read a snippet whilst on the move in an easy to understand and digestible format.

Barron’s Magazine always seems to include unique content, rather than recycled hash of articles that might already be in another magazine or somewhere on the Internet.  Once you read your weekly dose of the Barron’s Magazine you can come away with details on eight or ten companies that you can then go away and do some further analysis on.

Full Time Stock Market Traders Can Skip Section One

If you are a full time stock market trader then you might want to skip some sections and just get down into the nuts and bolts.  Typically you won’t find the first few pages that useful as it probably tells you stuff you already knew about the markets so make sure you head straight over to the middle section.  This is where you will find articles on options, mini-bonds, commodities, and much more.  The editorial pages could also be useful to you as well as they include guest columns written by experts in the field who offer up real life examples of how they have succeeded on the stock market and what mistakes to avoid.

Barron’s Magazine Review – Conclusion

Generally speaking, Barron’s Magazine is a superb asset to anyone who works in stocks and shares.  The crux of the matter is that you should think of it as a companion to your working week as it dispenses great tips and info which could turn into qualified leads and help you to increase the success of your own investment portfolio.

Author Bio: John Olufsen is a financial blogger who specializes in reviewing investment products and investment newsletters.  Please click here to read a more comprehensive review of Barrons Mag where you can find out more about the magazine and see how it can help you with your stock market portfolio.

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