5 Money Saving Tips That Are More Fun Than Looking at Price Tags for Hours

Saving money sounds like a bit of a dull idea, doesn’t it? However, it doesn’t have to involve hours in your local supermarket weighing up the relative costs of beans and noodles, unless that is your idea of fun of course. If you want to live better while spending less cash in the process then how about these cheeky little money saving tips?

Take a Picnic

When was the last time you took your partner, a friend or your kids to park for a picnic? This is a great way of getting a few hours’ worth of fun while spending very little on it. You can stock up very cheaply on the ingredients for sandwiches and if the sun is out maybe you can even take a bottle of inexpensive homemade lemonade to go with them. Sundays are great days for doing this but anytime you are all free for some good food and family fun is a fine moment to head off for a picnic.

Grow Your Own Food

This is one step further along the line from a picnic but also well worth considering. If you have a garden you don’t use much then growing some fruit and vegetables could be a brilliant idea. As well as saving you money this will also ensure that you eat healthier and more natural produce as well. It is a particularly smart move if you have children you want to teach about environmental issues. It isn’t as difficult to grow your own food as you might think and once you get started you will probably find it to be an addictive sort of hobby too.

Look Online for Deals and Promo Codes

Using the Internet to save money is another interesting idea worth checking out. There are all sorts of deals out there for many types of purchase and service. If there is something you are planning on spending money on soon then it is worth taking the time to see whether you can save some money on it first of all. You might even find ways of lowering your monthly spending which you had never thought of before.

Make Your Own Clothes

If you are good with your hands then making your own clothes can be a satisfying and rewarding hobby. You could either do this from scratch or by modifying old pieces of clothing you no longer use. If you find that you have a lot of ability for doing this then you could even make some money by selling some of the garments you produce. In either case, it is a great way to pass time and do something useful. If you want to start off easily then just try something simple like tie dying some old shirts to give them a new lease of life.

Play Family Games

Keeping the kids entertained is an expensive business these days. If it isn’t a trip to the cinema they are after then it is a new computer console or something else equally expensive. You will want your children to be entertained but by using your imagination you can do this without splashing out lots of cash on it. Family parlour games such as Chinese Whispers, Bingo, Charades and Monopoly can all give you a great time without having to spend a penny. You might think that the modern generation of youngsters would run as far as possible from this kind of thing but the truth is that many of them love it when they get started. After a while it could turn into a lovely family tradition to get together and play some good, old fashioned games.

To enhance your spending power without doing a lot all you need to do it head online and look for some useful promo codes.

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