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UK personal loan companies – Who is right for you?

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Personal loans are for people who want to borrow a lump sum for a variety of reasons. This could be to buy a car, pay off other debt, a holiday of a lifetime, home improvements or for education. Personal loans can be spent in any way you wish, over a varying time frame and at a lower interest rate than other lending, such as credit cards. Read more…

Improve your credit score for a cheaper personal loan

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If you are one of the many people who have had difficulty paying bills recently you may be wondering how you can improve the damage suffered to your credit rating. Money lenders look at your credit rating to see if you have defaulted on payments, how much debt you are in or if you have any County Court Judgements. If they see that you are behind with your repayments on your mortgage repayments, your credit rating will suffer and you will find it harder, and more expensive to get credit. If you considering personal loans then the better your credit history the cheaper your loan will be. This is because the better your credit history the less of a risk you pose to the money lenders. Read more…