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Debt consolidation loans: The ultimate way to become debt free


If you’re considering a debt consolidation loan, then you might as well know that it’s a dangerous thing to look into. Read more…

What are peer to peer loans and how do they work?

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There is a way of receiving loans called peer-to-peer lending or peer loans. The top peer-to-peer lender in the UK is ZOPA which first launched in 2005, introducing an accepted alternative to more traditional loans and investment options. Read more…

UK personal loan companies – Who is right for you?

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Personal loans are for people who want to borrow a lump sum for a variety of reasons. This could be to buy a car, pay off other debt, a holiday of a lifetime, home improvements or for education. Personal loans can be spent in any way you wish, over a varying time frame and at a lower interest rate than other lending, such as credit cards. Read more…