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Scottish economy slows down – Jobless rate rises by 19K

bad economy

Scotland has an open, modern economy and because of its natural resources it has great economic potential. With core industries like finance and business services, food and drink, renewable energy, life science, universities, tourism and the creative industries. Read more…

Pound to Euro exchange rate – Good news for UK holiday makers

Currency Exchange

The New Year has brought good news to those British holiday makers who have been avoiding Europe due to the poor Sterling – Euro rate. Previous exchange rates have made holidaying in our European countries an expensive option.  The good news is that the pound has now hit a fifteen month high with one pound now being worth one Euro twenty one.  Read more…

Don’t pay too much for your loan


Life is never simple and there are any number of reasons why people need to borrow money. Some people might take out loans for unexpected household repairs. Others perhaps just need a new car or want to go on holiday. Read more…