Top 5 Reasons Companies Should Give Back to Their Community

Charitable work is not a new concept, especially not in the corporate world. Many companies have options for employees to donate money from their paychecks to charity, nonprofit fundraisers, and community events in an effort to do their part to give back.

Some companies, such as Cavalry Portfolio Services, extend their outreach and participate in charitable giving both on a local and national basis. Many nonprofit organizations rely on donations from companies such as these. Yet, the economy has taken its toll, and some companies have been forced to make significant cut backs to their charitable donations.

If your company is one of those hit by the economy, making it difficult to give back to your community, here are 5 reasons why you should reconsider your efforts.

1. Businesses are what drive the economy.

Both in our local communities, and nationally, business is what fuels economic growth. Whenever an exchange of money occurs, businesses are going to spend it on other services or to contribute a portion to nonprofit organizations. By giving back to the community, your company has the opportunity to create more jobs and ultimately a stronger economy.

2. Companies have the power to make their community thrive.

It is rewarding to live in a thriving community where people have jobs and more services are available to residents. Companies can help achieve a thriving community through job creation and by donating time to help make the community a better place. When money is tight, many companies choose to instead volunteer to clean up parks or assist at fundraising events.

3. Businesses are one of the biggest forces in the world.

Businesses have the power to give jobs, fueling economic growth, or to downsize, causing economic difficulty. Because of this power, it is crucial that companies do all they can to give back to their community.

4. People are a company’s biggest asset.

Your company runs on your customers, your investors and your vendors. By giving back to the people in your community, in turn, you can strengthen your relationships.

5. Businesses have a responsibility.

With power comes a responsibility to give back. Businesses who take environmental resources should give back to the environment through donations to organizations who promote clean environments or through participating in environmental friendly activities such as recycling.

Every company should be concerned with the sustainability of their community. For this reason, it is crucial for businesses to give back on a local and national basis.

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